World Bottle Caps
  This website has been made to assist all collectors to find new caps for their collection. On the following pages are caps I can offer for exchange. I trade one for one on all trades. It does not matter to me where the caps are from. My collection is sorted alphetically with no regard to the cap's origin. Please email me if you find anything of interest in my traders
    My name is Rich and I have been collecting crown caps since 1975. It all started while watching Sesame Street and seeing Bert with his bottle cap collection. After I turned off the television, I went to the local parks and picked up whatever caps I could find. My collection was born.
       In 1997 I had 1800 caps in my collection. Like many other collectors I thought I was the only person that collects bottle caps. Still I kept all my doubles hoping to some day meet another collector to trade with. In 1997 the Internet arrived at my house. As I learned how to surf the net I discovered other web sites dedicated to bottle caps. Contacting other collectors was easy and my collection grew amazingly fast. All those saved caps finally came in handy.
     In 1998 I attended my first Crownvention. I met many collectors from all over the USA and went home with over 1500 new caps for my collection. This year will be my 10th consecutive year of going. This experience is a must for all collectors.
      Right now my collection stands at 45,000 different crowns. My collection does not contain different undersides or factory signs. The whole collection is stored in plastic coin pages. Each page holds 30 caps. They are stacked up on book shelves. Right now there are three book shelves full of my collection. 
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